Baseball Fan Gets Ticket Stubs From The First Game His Father Took Him To, Months After He Passed Away


I saw this on Reddit from Reddit user r/TheStevieJames and had to share it.

My dad passed away a few months ago. Yesterday I received a package in the mail he had saved for me with tickets from the first game he ever took me to. Needless to say, these are super special to me.

I’m not a big cry guy, but yeaaaaaaah. This one hit me really, really fucking hard and I’m fortunate enough to still have my dad to go to baseball games with. If you’re a baseball fan, then you know there’s nothing better than going to a baseball game with your dad. Going to the ballpark with your father is such a treasured memory for so many people. That’s why baseball is so special and so different from all the other sports. The connection that baseball has to family is unlike anything else in professional sports.

You love the game, but you also love that time that you get to spend with your dad, or your mom, or your brother, or your sister, or whoever. It’s a bonding experience. For the “baseball is boring” crowd, true baseball fans know that there’s nothing better than going to the ballpark to spend some time with somebody who means a lot to you. Yeah, there are other sports that have more constant action so there’s no time for any real conversation, but sometimes you just want to grab a couple tickets to the ballgame, sit out in the bleachers, talk about life, have a few beers, watch a couple homers, and take in a ballgame with your dad.

Cutting this blog short here because I’m gonna go call my dad now. If you can, you probably should, too.