I'm Very Proud of Myself For Not Getting Tricked Into Blogging This 5 Year Old Video of a Vikings Fan Spiking a Speaker Into Grandma's Table

PHEW! Close one folks. Last night I was lying in bed sometime after 11:37 PM trying to see if there were any blog worthy things on the interwebs from Vikings fans freaking out. Across my Twitter timeline came a video from Barstool Sports of a Vikings fan spiking a speaker into a glass table…grandma’s table to be exact. It’s one of the more all-time fan freakout videos I’ve ever seen. I went to blog it and get it up on the site, but I hesitated. After Friday’s debacle where I used my first MUST WATCH on a video that may be 5 years old at minimum I’m on edge for any viral video I find. Smooth one Eric. I’ve since put myself in “Must Watch Timeout” for such egregious actions. It turns out this Vikings video is from 2013 when Joe Webb and the Vikings fell to Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Wild Card game.

It’s an all-time video. The craziest part of this freakout is it came when the score was 24-3 late in the 3rd quarter when Sam Shields picked off Joe Webb. You’d think that was on a play like when Stefon Diggs caught the walk-off touchdown against the Saints. Nope, absolute blowout in a game the Viking were never going to win (Joe Webb in Lambeau vs. Rodgers) causing a demon-like response. The pillow toss was not enough so he picks up a GIGANTIC speaker and spikes it into grandma’s glass table.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 1.00.12 PM

“It’s not my fault”

Just an incredible line after transforming into the Hulk for 30 seconds. You can tell this kind of stuff has happened before with this guy, but you can’t blame him. Blame Joe Webb. Blame Aaron Rodgers. Not this guy. Don’t point the finger at him for that speaker in the middle of grandma’s table.

“Well, it’s the playoffs. Tell Aaron Rodgers to stop playing football”

Props to me for not blogging this and avoiding getting duped. Really on my toes after Friday.