Tom Brady Compares Himself To Tiger Woods To Say He Beat The Jags With His "C Game"


Love Brady casually dropping that he beat the Jags with his C game. Ruthless insult to injury. Can feel my friend Uncle Chaps’ pain from here. It’s obviously arrogant to say your hand bothered you, everybody knows that, so you have to be a little more sensitive and just say that beating the Jags down 10 in the 4th with all your stars injured was your C game.

Serious question — does Brady have a future in blogging? He’s phenomenal on Instagram and Facebook, he’s kicking the Jags while they’re down, and he’s dropping topical Tiger references the week of his return. I think he’s onto something. Perhaps we’ll try luring him away from playing in 2030 when we launch the Barstool Space Station.