Yesterday I Got A Good Tip That Jacoby Ellsbury May Be Headed To Milwaukee. Now We Wait and See and Pray

I hope everyone went into deep prayer last night hoping this rumor becomes reality. Yesterday, towards the end of the Jaguars-Patriots AFC Championship game I got an interesting DM that said Jacoby Ellsbury and Albert Abreu were heading to the Brewers in a trade. Initially I didn’t think much of it, but then I checked who it was from. This person was one of two people that tipped me off about Giancarlo Stanton being at Yankee Stadium the day before he signed with the team. Like what happened that day, I followed up the DM with questions, but got radio silence once again. Very cryptic, but with how dead on this person was last time I decided to believe it and share my knowledge with the Twitter world. Well, here we are the next day at noon and nothing has been reported and many on Twitter are chomping at the bit for more news. We’re all in wait and see mode at this point to see if my guy comes through again. I’d put the chances at around 40% but who knows?

Let’s say it’s true. What would that mean? Why would Milwaukee do it?

I think any deal that involves taking on part of Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract will include with it a solid prospect for that team’s troubles. In this case the rumored piece is starting pitching prospect Albert Abreu. According to Baseball America, Abreu ranks 6th overall in the system. The 22 year old has been bothered by a few elbow issues during his time with the Yankees after being acquired in 2016 from Houston in the Brian McCann deal. In order for Milwaukee to take on Jacoby’s remaining contract (or half of it at least) it would make a lot of sense that a prospect of Abreu’s caliber is heading that way. He’s probably still a season or two away from cracking the majors, but he projects to be an awesome weapon once he does with the ability to hit 100 on the gun along with solid secondary pitches.

Obviously the Yankees number one priority for the remaining of the offseason is to unload Ellsbury and free up money to sign a starting pitcher, possibly the likes of Yu Darvish. If this Milwaukee deal turns out to be smoke in the air I still think the structure of Ellsbury and an Abreu-type-prospect is the framework for how this gets done. Jacoby does have a no-trade clause but at some point he has to realize he’s not going to have a role on this team with Gardner-Hicks-Judge-Stanton-Frazier all ahead of him in terms of playing time. If Milwaukee could guarantee his immediate release I can’t see how he’d say no to a deal. The Brewers have no need for Ellsbury in their outfield obviously so I think that would be the next step following the trade. Right now, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m inclined to believe this a little bit just because a lot of things seemingly add up.

P.S. Maybe the biggest story to come out of this is this guy who “loves” Jacoby Ellsbury. Who the hell loves Jacboby Ellsbury?