In Response To David Portnoy's "Stupidest Tweet In Barstool History"

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The tyrannical, yet compassionate dictator known as El Presidente wrote a couple scathing blogs on me this morning regarding this Tweet and the fact I went to bed instead of staying up all night blogging all the social media stuff we got in from Philly.

To that I say it was a clean, warranted shot. I deleted the Tweet because when I woke up, I realized I wasn’t in a state of delusion anymore and it would get blown up by the powers that be. And to no avail, it was.

The only gripe I have with his shots is the fact he claimed “This is why Philly never took off like NYC, Chicago, or Boston” and put out the assumption I’ve deserted my post at any given opportunity. I’ve blogged and covered games and events to the best of my ability. I’ve left games to blog about Embiid shattering his shit. Cole Hamels pitching a no hitter for the hapless, last place, dog shit Phillies in the dead heat of July cost me a relationship because I bounced from my girlfriend at the time to go blog it (true story). Hell, I left my mother in tears during a Christmas vacation family dinner when Chip Kelly was fired. Dave’s only other time he could say I wasn’t responsible for my duty was covering Villanova’s run to the NCAA Championship until they made it to the Final Four. A fair point.

Before we all moved to NYC and got this extra help every clip and tip that came into the site basically went through the city bloggers alone. Now we have people collecting them and posting the best to the main accounts. Did I get complacent knowing the clips would be on social media and I planned to aggregate them all in a blog for the morning before Coley did already? Perhaps. But 4 years ago I would’ve been up all night. It doesn’t matter that 4 years ago I wouldn’t have been filming Rough N’ Rowdy stuff and training from morning to night on Saturday then at dawn on Sunday before coming back and doing 4+ hours of live stuff at the office on top of blogging Eagles jazz along the way. I was exhausted and after t-shirt Chip and I finally figured out the shirt stuff at 11:30 last night, I was beyond SPENT. It doesn’t matter. If I were there, I would’ve been covering it. 4 years ago I would’ve been up all night then, and I should’ve been up all night now.

Now I have no choice but to face the music and be accountable for my actions. No excuses. Play like a champion.

We all we got. We all we need. Go Birds.