Tennesseean Super Underdog Tennis Player Tennys Sandgren Has Made a Magical Run at the Aussie Open To the Quarterfinals

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Sorry for the delay everyone! I fell asleep early last night and forgot to blog this Tennys Sandgren story so here it is. I’ve upset Keith and Nate already for not having it up. That’s on me

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Tennys Sandgren was born to play tennis with a name like that’s literally pronounced “Tennis”. He was also born in Tennessee so his fate was decided for him well before he had a say in the matter. In reality though, he’s not very good at the sport and has been irrelevant for most of his tennis career being a 26 year old entering this tournament with only 2 tour-level wins in his entire career. I had absolutely no clue who this guy was when I first saw his name in the first round, but now he’s made a magical run to the quarterfinals and it’s pretty wild after beating guys like Wawrinka and Thiem.

Coming into the tournament Tennys had made just $469,455 in his entire career.

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Just by reaching the quarterfinals Tennys Sandgren has pocketed himself a little over $312,000 and if he beats rising star Chung Hyeon next (very unlikely) he’ll earn over $600,000. In a matter of one week this guy’s life has changed completely. He got lucky playing a Stan Wawrinka who was still on one knee as he still recovers from knee surgery, but last night he took down 5th seeded Dominic Thiem in five sets which was a complete stunner. Thiem was among the top favorites. Anyways with every American sucking at tennis it’s pretty cool we’ve got at least one guy still making a run. Fucking Tennys Sandgren from Tennessee. What a guy.

Here’s some highlights of last night’s 5 setter vs Thiem