Our Beloved Jaguars Were So Close To Stealing The Show But Came Up Just Short

I am hurting, coach. You’re right.

Last night stunk. I’m not even gonna mention the few 50/50 calls that didn’t go our way. That’s fine. That’s playoff football when you’re on the road and the Patriots deserve a little bit of Michael Jordan rules.

My team was up on the road in New England for the AFC Championship but we just couldnt hold on.

After the hysteria about the Eagles and Patriots dies down some, I’ll blog some more about the game and where the Jaguars should go from here.

Not only did the Jaguars lose the lead late, but my dog had to go to the vet to get emergency surgery. So, Im on a plane right now because I had to hop an earlier flight to make sure that he’s ok. A man’s team and a man’s dog go down on the same night. Not good. Many would actually say that it’s actually bad.

Pray for the Jaguars.
Pray for Otto.
Prayers were answered that they had delicious stroopwafels this morning. I was happy about that. I needed a smile and that caramel goodness provided when I most needed it.