Trae Young Is Deathly Afraid Of Birds - Naturally The Student Section Is Holding Up A Million Bird Pictures

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[DIEHARDS] – There will be lots of birds in the Oklahoma State student section for Round 2 of Bedlam basketball on Saturday.

No, not middle fingers — well, who knows? But there will be posters of actual birds, courtesy of Oklahoma State’s student newspaper The O’Colly.

Why is The O’Colly handing out bird posters to students? Well, Oklahoma star freshman Trae Young is apparently afraid of birds.

From a CBS Sports article, published on Dec. 8, 2017:

Young doesn’t trust birds, doesn’t know what he would do if his life flashed before his eyes by coming face-to-beak with a crow, cuckoo, sparrow, spoonbill, goose, grouse, turkey, toucan, flamingo or falcon.

“We were in New Zealand and would go to the beaches and all that stuff,” Young said. “You know how birds would be friendly to people? I hate birds. … “ [DIEHARDS]

This is maybe, possibly, my favorite college basketball crowd move ever.  I mean everybody knows how ruthless and savage these guys can be – the student section basically becomes licensed private investigators before every big home game, digging up girlfriends you didn’t even know you had, family secrets, hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations.  Any weakness, they’ll exploit it. Home court advantage in college hoops doesn’t just mean a short trip to the arena and showers that you’re familiar with – it means the team coming in to face you is about to get their fucking pride and dignity ripped out of their fucking throat.

Anyone with enough mental fortitude can shake off their sister’s name being chanted in their ear for 4 quarters or life sized FatHeads of their mugshots.  But Trae Young is afraid of birds.  He literally has ornithophobia.  The entire Oklahoma State crowd printing out massive winged birds menacingly staring right in his face for the entire game is the most unbelievably savage move you could even imagine. It’s so sneaky that it’s almost genius.

I say almost because it didn’t work.  Like not even close to working.

Well maybe it worked on his teammates?  Maybe they were so concerned for his mental health that they stopped even trying to pitch in and help?