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So Our Boy Scott Carroll Had Quite The Day Yesterday For The White Sox


So yesterday I posted about Scotty Carroll, the 29 year old journeyman pitcher who was making his Major League Debut for the White Sox . I’m obviously not a White Sox fan but even this story was hard to ignore. Regular guy, long time in the minors, finally getting his shot.  Well he certainly did not disappoint. 7.1 ip, 0 er’s, and his first major league win. Just an awesome story for a guy who probably should have given up on baseball after all these years and surgeries but kept going because he wanted to fulfill his dream of pitching in the show. Happy for him and his family. Need more stories like this in sports.



Let it out Mom!



Also awesome move by Dunn here.







And of course Hawk, giving a standing ovation from the booth, so Hawk it hurts.






Here’s to Scott Carroll and hoping he sticks around.