The NFL Is Fumbling Their Efforts To Allow The Troops To Watch The Conference Championships: Barstool Sports Has The Fix

First of all, big time football terminology usage in the title. Second of all, this should be such an easy win for the NFL. But, like usual, they fucked it up.

USO centers suck. They are good in the airport when you are first starting your career, but other than that, no one wants to spend time in there. They are usually small and with extremely limited seating. The idea that everyone who wants to watch these games can just file into the USO center nearest them is laughable. They are usually pretty small and mostly used for videos games and shit like that.

All the NFL would have to do to look amazing in this situation is issue 24-hour passes for free to NFL Game Pass for anyone who signs up with a .mil email address. Any troop with internet could watch the games. Sure, it doesn’t help the remote troops but it certainly would be great for a vast majority of those military members who want to watch the game while they are overseas.