JP Macura Went Billy Hoyle Against Seton Hall

JP Macura is everything we wanted Grayson Allen to be in terms of personality. He lives up to the villain type and plays into the crowd. Today, Seton Halls’ student section kept chanting at him and he played better once it started. Plus, he did what you see above. That was the best dunk I saw in the early slate of games and as I’ve said I typically to only blog the best one of each Saturday.

That was a really good win for Xavier on the road against Seton Hall – a place Xavier has never won before. They were able to come from behind on the road too, especially in a game where it’s not a great matchup for them. As for Seton Hall, it is now on a two-game losing streak after getting blown out by Creighton. I’m not ready to write them off or anything because all teams not named Villanova will go through something like this during the year or already have. The question will be as to how Seton Hall bounces back.

But for the time being let’s enjoy the Macura yam.