Government Shut Down Causes Air Force Hockey To Postpone All Games Until Further Notice

“The United States federal government shutdown, which went into effect at midnight last night after Congress failed to enact a new funding planned, has forced Air Force hockey to stop playing.

Air Force was scheduled to host Sacred Heart tonight. The teams played last night, with Sacred Heart winning, 2-1. That game will be postponed until further notice. Air Force is also supposed to travel to Niagara for two games next weekend.

Army athletics is not affected by the shutdown.” (via

Man this sucks. I’m not going to sit here and act like I have an understanding as to what is going on in the government right now, cause I don’t. But what I do know is that the government shut down has lead to Air Force Academy has shut down all athletics until further notice. The Air Force Academy posted a statement to their athletics page saying “Due to the government shutdown, all Air Force Academy home and away intercollegiate athletic events have been cancelled until further notice. In the event a solution is reached, the Academy will work to reschedule as many missed events as possible.”

The Falcons were supposed to welcome Sacred Heart to the Cadet Ice Arena tonight for the second game of a weekend series, instead it will be postponed until further notice. Obviously, there is much bigger things at stake here than some college hockey games being postponed to a later date. But it really sucks for the kids on the Air Force team, who have to suffer due to politicians not being able to get along and come to agreement.

The last government shut down last 17 days, if this shutdown were to do the same the Falcons would have to postpone five games in total. Do you know how tough it would be to make up one game let alone five? Also, Air Force isn’t the only team who will be missing games, think about the teams who are scheduled to play the Falcons, their schedules are now screwed too. It affects a lot more than just one team.


Crazy to think the Government shutting down can cause such a stir in college hockey of all things. But like I said, there are much bigger things at stake with this government shutdown than college hockey, to which I know nothing. It just sucks for all people who are affected, including the college hockey players.

At 11-11-3 lets not act like the Falcons were going to be playing for a National Championship this year. But who knows, if they were to find a way to squeak in the tournament, anything could happen.

(Army will not be affected by the shutdown)