Dutch Soccer Fans Show Up To a Practice With Flares and Torches in What Looks Like a Scene Out of Braveheart

When I first saw this I assumed it was right before a big soccer game. You know big rivalry match, bring some flares, and have a blast intimidating the fuck out of the opponent? But no…this is for a soccer PRACTICE. You think we love our sports teams more than anything or anyone in the world. Everything about our day revolves around our favorite teams. If they lose, our next day, week, month is ruined. Your girlfriend/wife doesn’t get it, how could a team you’re not apart of affect your everyday life like that. Why don’t you love them as much as your favorite team? And then you go see what European soccer fans do…

Are people holding torches here? Is someone on fire? I think someone is on fire. Yeah someone is definitely on fire. I’ve seen Eurotrip, I know what the Manchester United football hooligans look like. Well, these guys in Amsterdam blow those blokes out of the water. Imagine running into these guys being a rival fan. You die, that’s what happens. You get kidnapped and dismembered and thrown in a river and no one ever hears from you again. Try telling these folks that football is actually the sport played with a pigskin. You know what happens? You die. We think the Vikings Skol clap is awesome, and it is don’t get me wrong, but then you watch a fucking soccer practice that resembles the movie Braveheart and you rethink things. It’s another world across the pond.

And that was talking soccer.