Felger Says Brady's Got Some Stitches In His Hand But It Shouldn't Affect Him

ATTA BABY FELGY!!!!!!! Love Felger talking Pats, always have!

This is by far the most detailed description I’ve heard of the Brady injury so I’m taking it as fact. I’m breathing much easier at the moment. I don’t like getting swept up in shit but I really worked myself into a tizzy after that press conference. I was checking my heart rate and shit, it was that serious.

But I’m calmer now. Nothing major, just a few stitches and some discomfort. Rub some dirt on it, tar and feather whoever was close enough to the quarterback that he hit his hand on their helmet, and go get the Lamar Hunt. Super Bowl was never off but it’s back on.

PS – Felger can be a real prick but from what my sources tell me he’s got great sources. I believe him, yo.