The NBA Not Broadcasting Today's All-Star Game Draft Is So Goddamn Stupid

So today is the NBA All-Star Game draft and I STILL cannot believe that it is not being televised or at least streamed online. The whole point of drafting teams was to bring interest to a game that inevitably sucks after the first 15 alley oop attempts. Okay, I’m sure that the fact that almost every star that changes conferences goes from East to West because NBA players apparently would rather to lose to the Warriors before the Finals instead of during the Finals, which means that the West was only going to continue beating the dick off of the East. But now we’ll have two teams of mixed conferences that will likely lead to more than just old assholes like me forgetting which player is on which team, like every Madden season I’ve ever played with a fantasy draft.

The NBA, more than any league on the planet, is built on drama. Just look at the last few weeks. Chris Paul leading a group of players through a SECRET FUCKING TUNNEL in an effort to have Austin Rivers silenced for good. The Cavs blaming everyone on the team outside of the 2018 Brooklyn pick for sucking. Even Kawhi Leonard is kicking up shit with his team. Every Instagram like and emoji tweeted being picked apart by online detectives. It’s crazy how much drama fuels the NBA. I’m sure ESPN and TNT would love to televise that drama since they are paying billions for the right to show both the good and bad national games.

A schoolyard draft with peoples feelings getting hurt every single pick was only going to add gasoline to the drama fire that has been burning brightly for weeks. LeBron having to choose between Kevin Love, whatever potential future teammates he has in mind, and Kyrie would be great. I would love to know if Steph is going to use his first three picks on KD, Draymond, and Klay or pick Anthony Davis. And I want to see if the players that get picked last unleash revenge on the captains and the rest of the NBA. We missed out on the annual Damian Lillard All-Star Snub Revenge Tour since he made the game as a reserve. But if Dame got picked last, I would be picking the Blazers regardless of the spread in their next game against the Cavs and the Warriors. Vince McMahon should steal this idea and use it for the new XFL’s first Pro Bowl.

Drafts are so fucking awesome. The draft is always the best part of the fantasy football season. Every Sunday may be an absolute rollercoaster ride and you may not actually enjoy the NFL anymore because of fantasy. But missing out on the draft would hurt 100 times more than ruining 4+ months of your life. Now that the Giants have the 2 pick, I am glued to mock drafts. After the draft happens, I’ll be glued to draft grade columns.

Which is why I’m holding out hope that Woj will unleash his greatest bombs yet and tweet out each pick of today’s draft as they happen, just like he does with the NBA Draft. Or Draymond will overhear how it all goes down and Draymond will announce it to the world just because he wants to watch it burn.

And if you are wondering why the Player’s Association was so fucking sawwwwwwwft and vetoed broadcasting the draft, look no further than the leadership that likely made this decision.