This Business Insider Article On Barstool Sports Is the Most Fair And Honest Article Ever Written About Us


Business Insider – He’s quite humble and a great listener and intellectually very curious, and I loved meeting him. What makes Dave very rare is that he is exceptionally savvy and a funny brilliant creator.

Anonymous quote about Dave Portnoy (aka El Pres)

Listen we’ve had a ton of articles written about us in the past, but for the first time in our long and illustrious career I finally feel like somebody got it right. Somebody wrote a fair and balanced piece on us. Somebody who didn’t have an agenda. Somebody who took a look at us and formed an unbiased opinion. It was just right down the middle. Somebody who saw threw all the salacious headlines and saw me for me. Just a brilliant, humble, savvy, incredible creator. That’s who I am. That’s all I’ve ever been. Thank you Business Insider for seeing me the way I see myself. All very fair.