I'm In A Rough Spot Right Now And This Eagles Playoff Hype Masterpiece May Make Me Destroy This Place

Props to Delcodelphia for this surefire masterpiece. But what a day. What. A. Day. Long story short (follow ANY one of our social media accounts to get the gist of what’s happening), I am no longer going to the NFC Championship game because Lord Portnoy has spoken. Myself, Rone, and Fran are required to watch the event unfold from the electric chair in the NYC office. Am I happy about it? Fuck no. I wanna be at the game. But you do what you gotta do to survive.

Here’s this week’s 3rd test episode of Rone and me rapping about Philly sports and stuff on First Time, Long Time. Enjoy. Or not. It doesn’t even matter anymore.