Actually, Tickle Booty Is A Great Nickname


Fellas, I gotta be honest with you. I think longtime Stoolie and Barstool Super Bowl Party Performer Ja Rule was trying to be ugly to 50 Cent by saying that he gets his ass tickled. It’s 2018. We are eatin ass now. Getting the ole balloon knot tickled like Elmo is NOTHING. It’s not even worth mentioning. Why? Because the whole squad is doing it.

Additionally, if Ja Rule really hates 50 Cent, why give him the greatest nickname of the last decade? Tickle Booty is a great rap name. I think 50 should rebrand. I love a good rebrand especially when we’re talkin ticklin and booty. Combine the two and my goodness gracious.

The Prostate. The prostate is filled to the brim with pleasurable nerve endings. Incredible. So when Ja Rule thinks he’s insulting Fifty Aka Ferrari F-50, he’s made a miscalculation. He’s also telling the world via social media that he’s never experienced a full orgasm before. It’s snafus like Ja Rule made that led me to southern rap, specifically Louisiana Rap. When the pipes are both loud and completely cleared of all your cum >>>>>