The TNT Crew Had Charles Barkley Read From The Teleprompter Last Night...And It Went Exactly How You Thought It Would


Chuck was off to a HOT start with those first two words in my opinion. I’m not a speech pathologist, but my friend’s girlfriend is so I think I can vouch for her in saying Chuck Nailed “TNT” and “the” and that is more than good enough for good ole Chuck. Now once we encountered a four syllable word that’s when we entered deadly waters. To be fair I have trouble saying the word “alienist” out loud myself, so I never expected Chuck to come close here. Never change Barkley, never change.

“Jonas Valunciuiosuvosus”

P.S. Until we get Coley and Trill on television this late night crew will continue to be the most entertaining basketball show on TV.