Last Night In The NBA: Some Teams Avoided Disaster, Others Weren't So Lucky

Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers

Hello and welcome everybody to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything that happened last night in the Association. With just 4 games last night and not much else on TV you should have been able to catch it all, and on a night with some pretty good matchups it made for quite the enjoyable evening. If you missed any of it, here’s what happened

Cavaliers (27-17) 104 vs Magic (13-32) 103

I don’t think we’ll hear about any secret meetings to complain about Isaiah from Lebron and Love today will we? The Cavs were lucky to survive this game against the Magic, which is a whole other issue, but it was also the first game that Isaiah won for his new team. I can’t lie, as someone who had his dick kicked in by the Sixers just a few minutes earlier, I didn’t love it. His shot is still coming around but Isaiah finished with a game high 21/3/4 on 6-15, including the superstar call he got at the end that most definitely was not really a foul, but this was a CLE game in CLE so raise your hand if you’re shocked.

Lebron wasn’t much better with just 16/6 with 6 TOs, but as we’ll probably see a lot for the rest of the year, these guys were the 1-2 punch for CLE

Let’s not act like everything was fine even though they won, I mean blowing a 23 point lead to the Orlando Magic at home is pretty embarrassing. Just when you thought they were going to cruise to an easy win, their warts showed up. Poor defense, an offense that lacked movement and passing, they let ORL walk all over them in the second half which if you’re a CLE fan, you’re definitely at least a little shook about given how the Cavs have played recently.

To turn it over 19 times, go 1-17 fromd deep in the second half, and to have Lebron score under 20 and Love shoot 3-10 and still win is probably the luckiest win of the Cavs season. Gross.

For ORL, listen nobody really expected you, a team that has lost 17 of 19, to go into CLE and win this game, so credit to the Magic for fighting for a full 48 minutes. I’m not sure how Payton missed that layup at the end, maybe he couldn’t see the rim because of his stupid ass haircut, but he led the Magic with 19/8 on 9-17 shooting, and Gordon was impressive as well with a 17/10 performance

I really feel for whichever young promising rookie is going to have to join this dumpster fire.

Sixers (21-20) 89 vs Celtics (34-12) 80

Full blog is coming per usual, and believe me I have a lot to say about the lowest scoring game of the season for the Celtics. For the second game in a row they were absolutely abused by a stud big man, this time it was Embiid and his 26/16/6.

Congrats to the Sixers for finally beating the Celtics this year for the first time in 4 tries and getting back over .500. That’s not easy to do.

Rockets (32-12) 116 vs Timerwolves (29-18) 98

Welcome back James Harden! Despite his struggles, the Rockets now move to 16-0 this season when Harden/CP3/Capela all play in a game. Some experts may say that’s pretty good, and a nice home blowout win over a good team like MIN has to have HOU fans feeling a little better given their recent inconsistent play.

As we’ve seen a few times this year, Eric Gordon went nuts, leading the team with 30 points on 11-19 shooting including 7 made threes

Did you guys happen to see that report that DeAndre Jordan wants to be traded to HOU? That’s pretty funny considering they already have a young center who flourishes in their system named Clint Capela, who did just that last night

It also can’t be a Rockets win without showing you how CP3/Harden did, and CP3 was again solid, with 19/6/9/3 with 50/50% splits

For MIN, they fall to 1 game under .500 on the road, and have now lost back to back games for the first time since they lost to BKN/BOS a few weeks ago. Not exactly playing their best basketball as they head into a matchup with TOR tomorrow, but don’t let that stop you from appreciating the play of KAT

His 22/16 with 5 blocks was impressive, but for me, this sequence right here was the most impressive thing about KAT’s night

Jimmy showed up as well with 23 points on 8-13 in a team high 42 minutes (Jesus Christ Thibs)

Someone will have to explain to me how in a game MIN was never really in, how no bench player played more than 18 minutes. This team is going to lose a playoff series because they are tired, you watch. I saw this stat the other day and legit gasped

Of those bench players, only Tyus Jones really did anything so shouts to him

Trail Blazers (24-21) 100 vs Pacers (24-21) 86

After breaking their losing streak against PHX in their last game, the Blazers really needed this win against a good team at home not only for their standings, but for their psyche. As expected, Oladipo vs Lillard was quite the battle, absolutely living up to the hype

This was a tight game all the way until the fourth quarter where POR locked in on defense and held the Pacers to just 12 points.  Almost every Blazer played well outside of Evan Turner, but Shabazz Napier came in and filled his two guard spot and had a solid 13/4 in his 29 minutes.

At times offense was hard to come by for both teams, and POR did finished with 39/31% splits, but they took care of the ball with just 11 TOs and simply crushed the Pacers on the glass 57-46. A lot of that had to due with the play of Nurkic, who IND never really had an answer for


FOR IND, you saw that Oladipo was pretty good, and other than Darren Collison who also had 23, nobody else really showed up

Just one other Pacer ended up in double figures, and the bench really let them down, especially Lance who went 0-6. They too struggled shooting (which in some weird way was a theme for like every team that played last night) finishing with 39/26.9% splits. The good news is they are still very much alive in the 4-8 standings, and with a little win streak could see themselves take over that 4 spot in no time, then again a little skid could have them out of the playoffs all together. Who says January NBA games don’t matter!

And that’s it, you’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. We have 7 total games tonight, with some good matchups like SA/TOR, WSH/DET, NYK/UTA, and IND/LAL. As always feel free to go out and live your life tonight, just check back tomorrow for anything you may have missed.