Bill Walton Invites Dave Pasch's Son to Travel With Him on the Grateful Dead Tour This Summer ... One Slight Problem

Nothing and I mean nothing is like listening to Bill Walton in the post 9pm tip ramble on as Dave Pasch tries to actually give some information as to what’s going on with the game. Last night this happened during a USC/Oregon game, that was actually pretty good. Walton started talking about the halftime show – one we all love – which involved a guy throwing frisbees with dogs. From there Walton was giving one of the frisbees to Pasch’s son Zeke, which led to the interaction.

Imagine being Dave Pasch’s son though. You have to beg your old man to let him approve of the summer tour with Bill and the Dead, right? I mean listen, I get it, I’m 30 and I’m pretty sure my pops would have the same reaction as Pasch if Walton asked him if I could go tour with the Dead. He’s truly the gift for bloggers everywhere, because every game there’s something so outlandish you have to talk about it. The best part is you never know what direction he’s going to go in. One game he’s making elephant noises and pretending to smoke weed. The next game he’s asking Pasch how his dog who died 3 years ago is.

Poor Dave Pasch, man. That’s a guy who should never have to buy a drink for himself.