Man Orders A Bong, Mistakenly Gets An XBox Controller Delivered To His House Instead

And with that we have officially closed the case in the Bong-Xbox Controller saga.

Bravo, internet. Bravo. I love when TV show finales wrap up everything with a nice, neat bow. So it’s nice to have viral videos do the same. Give me less Sopranos untied loose ends and more Breaking Bad full measures. The “what the frick” callback was especially nice. If the bong kid is actually in deep shit with his mom and thinks she’s dumb enough to potentially believe that this XBox video is real, he has to show it to her and play it off as a classic Amazon mix up, right? Have you seen what those warehouses look like? I guarantee a bong and an XBox controller are neighbors on a shelf in one of these gigantic Amazon distribution centers.

Also, I gotta admit that I hated this video at first just because I thought it was just some YouTube comedian trying to get his views up by piggybacking off of a classic viral video. But as you can see by the smudge on the guy’s camera as well as his past videos, he is not much of a professional at anything.


But he still is A-okay in my book for completing the fictional story that the bong kid created on the fly while stammering his dick off and gives the kid a video to prove his innocence in case his mom is braindead. Who says everybody on the internet is evil?

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to watch some likely fantastic videos about Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef Cassidy Arch before becoming GKnight12’s 95th subscriber.