A Couple of Drunk College Chicks Thought It Would Be Funny To Rob A Delivery Man On Camera, It Was not

This video infuriates me. Never, under any circumstances, should you mess with a delivery person. ESPECIALLY in a major city. It’s thankless, hard work, usually performed by the underprivledged. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys hustling around in the middle of a rainstorm, plastic bags on their hands, delivering God knows what. It really puts things in perspective. They’re not suburban kids working a summer job, they’re grown men and women trying to support their families. And what those girls failed to realize is that they took money directly out of that guy’s pocket. If he didn’t care, or he didn’t need it, he wouldn’t have chased them down the street. I would’ve loved it if the camera had panned wide enough to see them get caught. I hope he cracked them in the face with his helmet. Sober them right up. I understand that alcohol makes people do funny things HOWEVA THIS was NOT funny. Thoughts and prayers to the girls and their families. Hopefully they get charged with some sort of crime although I doubt they will.