Does This Look Like The Face Of A Mom Who Makes Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Pay Rent?

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Not gonna lie. I’m pissed this had a feel-good twist ending. I feel misled by the headline I read just like I misled you with my headline. I needed her to really throw down the gauntlet and be charging her daughter rent for real. Then spending her daughter’s money on cool shit and flaunting it in her face. That’s the story I wanted. That’s the story the world wanted. I’ve long thought that children don’t pull their weight around the house. Do I have kids? No I do not. But the life of a kid is crazy if you think about it. They get room and board for free. They have all of their clothes given to them. Their meals are made for them and served to them like it’s a goddamn 5-star restaurant. And what do they do in return? NOTHING. I was a kid once and it was awesome. It’s a miracle any of us ever moved out. Sure there’s shame and embarrassment that goes along with living with your parents into your 40s but the flip side is you basically get to live in a hotel with your parents. It’s a no brainers.

It’s still funny to me that the mom gives her daughter $7 and then instantly takes back $5 for rent, though. I get that she’s trying to teach her daughter life lessons but it’s hilariously cruel that she’s like, “Okay here’s your allowance! 7 dollars! Exciting! Now give me $5 back you free-loading little shit.” Too funny. Good for this mom teaching her kid a valuable lesson and saving up money for college but I want her to at least think about taking some of that money and spending it on herself.