Tiger "Fusion" Woods Has Changed His Range Warmup Routine, Now Starting With Roasting Driver Like A BOSS


Golf WeekTiger Woods has been a creature of habit for most of his career, but The Forecaddie hears that the 14-time major winner has made one change to his routine inspired by another legend who has battled a balky back.

When Woods played with President Obama and Houston Astros owner Jim Crane last week at The Floridian, he walked onto the range and began his warmup by immediately hitting driver. Typically, Woods has prepared by hitting wedges, short irons, long irons and fairway woods before finally reaching for the big stick.

It has long been considered a real meathead move to saunter onto the driving range, pick your spot, tee up a ball, and immediately hit driver. “Good players ease into it. They start by hitting a few wedges, then a few short irons before moving into the longer clubs,” a privileged country clubber might say. Francis, for example, said this to me just a few months ago. Well, out with the old, in with the fused. No longer will this move be looked upon with such disgust, for the greatest player to ever touch a golf club himself is leading with it. Fusion boy is strutting onto driving ranges, nodding to former presidents, pulling driver, and hitting it HARD. He’s showing off that new machine-like back. He’s proving he’s still THE BOSS.*


* It’s also possible that this move is to protect his fragile (but fused) back, understandably beginning his day with longer, more fluid motions that do not involve violent, descending blows into the ground.