Recapping Some Important Announcements in College Basketball the Last Two Days

Champions Classic - November 17, 2015

Pardon me for not getting stuff up on this quicker, but here we are. There have been three important announcements made in the world of college basketball the last 24 hours. We’ll get into them with my thoughts and reactions and whether or not it’s good for the sport.

1. Possible changes to transfer rules: 

This is obviously a hot-button issue on which you stand firmly on either side. One side being you absolutely can’t change the transfer rules or the other being the other extreme. Me, personally? I prefer transfers be able to play right away, but the ideal situation would be to keep the rule as is with the exception of a coach leaving/being fired. If that happens you get to leave and go wherever you want and eligible right away. The biggest problems with transfers that needs to be addressed isn’t the eligibility but rather the blocking of transfers. Coaches need to stop being so up in arms if a kid want to transfer in the same conference or to a rival. If you thought he could beat you, you’d find a way to adjust and get him on the floor. The compliant I heard the most though was how this would absolutely kill mid majors. Well, would it absolutely kill them? It’s not like every transfer in the world would transfer up. In fact we’ve seen mid majors embrace the down transfer with guys like Nevada, Middle Tennessee, East Tennessee State and more truly embrace this and be successful. I just don’t have a problem with a kid who comes onto the scene in college and takes advantage to parlay that into a better place. Isn’t that we all try to do at work or really anything in life?

2. Season moving up to the Tuesday before the second Friday in November: 

It’s a step in the right direction, but still moving the wrong direction. College basketball should start in December. Take advantage of football winding down/regular season over and you still can still be in the headlines. Right now these early season games get lost due to football and listen I get it. I also get that college basketball has sort of adapted Thanksgiving week as their own with the holiday tournaments. Why not just do it over Christmas? It’d work out the same. But, with the move to the Tuesday that’s just incredibly smart. More importantly, they are opening the season with the Champion’s Classic, meaning we’re getting Duke vs Kentucky and Kansas vs Michigan State to start the season next year. That’s awesome. Last season we had a great game between Kansas/Indiana get glanced over because it was a late Friday night game. You simply lose that media time to football the next day. Nobody talked about it. Playing on a Tuesday night to start the season? You’ll have Wednesday morning talking about the Champion’s Classic. I love this move, but still would prefer the season to start in December and March Madness become April Madness (name tbd).

3. NCAA Tournament Committee doing a top-16 release show again 

This is another good thing. Any sort of transparency the NCAA Tournament committee gives us is a positive. Last year we were able to see what they thought of certain conferences and teams and it made for a good debate. You had people talking about college basketball in February. That’s a win. This time, we get to do it again with it being on a Sunday a week after the Super Bowl. The date is perfect. Again, the tweaks I’d like to change is to do this more than once. If you’re going to keep it as is, do the top-16 reveal three times. The first would come at the end of nonconference play. The second would come mid-January and then finally you do one mid-February. Let us see who needs to do more in conference play and how they are viewing conferences. Let us see how much they put into the nonconference schedule. These are all things that shouldn’t necessarily be a secret. With this season being as crazy as it has so far, I’m anxious to see how the committee views teams and conferences.