Patriots Playoff Hype Videos: Movie Mashup Edition


I might me just one Patriots fan among millions. And I share their affinity for a good playoff hype video. But I take a back seat to no man when it comes to my appreciation for that modern art form, the mashup. Take the soundtrack to a movie, lay some Patriots footage over it, and in the hands of a talented editor, it can produce masterpieces. And this week, with the AFC championship game just days away, Pats fans have truly outdone themselves on this front. Taking them in no particular order:

Black Panther. “You get to decide what kind of king you are going to be.” Chills. And the movie can’t hit theaters soon enough.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Brady has an injury to his right hand. Coincidence? Or did he also lose it in a Lightsaber battle with Belichick fighting over Jimmy G and have to have it replaced with a droid part? I’ll let you decide.

Infinity War. This one combines the best of the negativity and the one movie I look forward to more than any currently on the way. Prepare yourself for lots of Infinity Gauntlet talk this summer if they get a sixth ring. “Fun isn’t one considers when balancing the universe …”

Dunkirk. This one is actually not from the trailer. Instead it’s Hans Zimmer’s iconic soundtrack, which the musically brilliant Irish Rose and the son who takes after her tell me is a Shepherd tone, an audio trick in which notes go up an octave and then go back to the beginning like a barber pole spinning. Or some such shit. I don’t understand it. I just know it’s super effective in the movie and here.

Blade Runner: 2049. The Garoppolo/Brady stuff just makes this magical.


I’m not about to go all Mike Tomlin and get ahead of myself here. But if the Pats season is still going after Sunday, I can’t wait to see what these great auteurs have in store for us. Keep them coming to #NotDone