I Love The Balls On This Truck Driver Trying To Drive Up An Icy Hill (It Ends Very Poorly)

That guy can play for me any day of the week. Big time balls swinging between his knees for the attempt. He gave it the ol’ college try and he deserves our respect. It’s shocking that he even tried in the first place honestly. Especially after watching a car juuuuuuuust barely make it up the hill. He’s thinking he can for sure get a giant truck up that very icy hill. My guess is once he saw the weather report for the next day he probably binged a couple seasons of Ice Road Truckers to prepare for that very moment. Then it was his moment to shine and he wasn’t gonna miss it. Pedal to the medal as the kids say. He almost made it, too. There was a couple seconds just before he plowed into that stop light where it looked like he was gonna conquer the mountain. Alas.

PS- This car realizing before anyone else that the situation was not going to end well was hilarious. Dude slammed it into reverse and got the hell outta there before shit hit the fan.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.41.34 PM