Should You Be Allowed On a Plane Wearing All Your Clothes Instead of Paying For Luggage?

Telegraph - A man travelling from Iceland to London was turned away from a British Airways flight after he wore eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts to avoid paying for excess luggage.

Ryan Carney Williams, who goes by the name Ryan Hawaii, was due to fly from Keflavik airport on Wednesday when he was refused a boarding pass by the airline.

He was reportedly stopped from boarding his flight back to the UK after he put on all the clothes that wouldn’t fit in his checked luggage.

Taking to his social media page to document the debacle, Mr Hawaii tweeted: “@British_Airways hi being held at Iceland Keflavik airport because I had no baggage put all the clothes on and they still won’t let me on. Racial profiling?”

“And AGAIN! Refused from 2 flights in 2 days for no valid reason,” he tweeted.

EasyJet explained that the Captain and ground crew were concerned about reports from the previous day and that Mr Hawaii was provided with a full refund.

You know what? I just wrote a blog and the gist of it was “if he was comfortable enough wearing all his clothes on a plane, he should be allowed to wear all his clothes on the plane.” I went on to say that even though he is a huge asshole, he plays the race card immediately, and is a complete dick to everyone at the airport, the fact remains that they allow 500 pounders onto airplanes, so they should have allowed him.

But then I kept thinking about it, and I 100% side with the airlines who didn’t let him board. Why? Because that guy is a giant, grade A, complete 100% LOSER of the highest degree. Out of pure principle the airlines didn’t allow him on the plane, and I’m glad. Don’t be a fucking broke boy and you won’t have a problem with paying 20 bucks to check your baggage. Yeah it sucks to pay to bring clothes onto a plane, but that’s what happens when you book a flight with certain airlines. They don’t hide the fact they are gauging you, so either suck it up or book elsewhere, there’s no gun to your head. If the airline lets you put on 15 layers of clothes, they are doing themselves a disservice by letting assholes board their planes. Nobody wants a self-righteous asshole sitting on the plane. And what if they have an Oceanic Flight 815 situation on their hands? That’s not anyone you want to be deserted with on an island for all of eternity, even if the Smoke Monster would definitely eat him first.

So I applaud the airlines for not letting this dickhead on their planes. Just stop being so poor, and it won’t be an issue. Problem solved.