Bishop Hendricken's Principal Retires After He's On Video Talking About "taking care of n*ggers And k*kes"

(Raw) A Rhode Island high school principal retired after a short video clip surfaced showing him using racist and anti-Semitic slurs. Joseph Brennan Jr. retired this week after a 40-year career at Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick after the video clip was anonymously emailed to WPRI-TV and the president of the local NAACP, reported the Providence Journal. The eight-second video clip shows Brennan smiling as he makes a 13-word statement, the TV station reported. “That way, I could take care of the n*ggers and the k*kes,” Brennan says in the undated clip. “The video clip, which is under review, has no context and Mr. Brennan was being secretly recorded,” the school’s president, John A. Jackson, told parents in an email. “But clearly the language is inappropriate. We will not tolerate inflammatory language in any context.” Brennan was honored in 2016 at the White House as one of the nation’s top educators.


For those who don’t know, Hendricken is a very well known school in southeastern Mass and Rhode Island. They’re the team to beat in pretty much every sport, at least they were when I was growing up (I may have fallen out of touch with regional high school sports), and boast athletic alums like Rocco Baldelli, friend of the program Billy Baron, Willy Blackmon, and current Bruin Noel Acciari. They’re very, very legit and well known.

Sooooo not the best look for them here. Can’t have your principal referring to minorities with the most racist phrases on the planet, I’ve been hearing that forever as it’s on page one of the “how to be a molder of young minds” handbook.

But… BUT… as the school president says, we have no context for the video. Maybe he was asked very innocent questions like “what’s a word racists use for black people that rhymes with trigger?” or “what word does Edward Norton’s character in American History X use to refer to his mother’s Jewish boyfriend?” or maybe it was something totally benign like “hey Principal Brennan, what do you call the black and Jewish kids here?” Could have been anything, without context we’ve got absolutely no way of knowing what kind of man Joesph Brennan is.

I mean, the guy was honored at the White House in 2016 as one of the nation’s top educators so he’s gotta be pretty solid. Maybe they forgot to check if he was a Grand Wizard but aside from that little thing? I’m sure the dude is aces.

PS – Getting caught on video being a scumbag definitely sucks, but it sucks doubly when you’ve got poor lighting and a bad angle and kinda look like the devil.

PPS – I’m not sure what MLA format is for racist phrases but if we’re being honest I was very uncomfortable just using one asterisk in “n*gger” and “k*ke,” but that’s how the article did it so I’m just following people who, presumably, went to j school.