UFC Fighter (And Scariest Man On The Planet) Francis Ngannou Sent His Coach Flying To The Canvas With A Leg Kick And It's Laugh Out Loud Funny

Flopped like a fish! I actually burst out laughing at this the first few times I watched it, then winced every time after. Think about the worst dead leg your older brother ever gave you…now imagine your older brother was a 6’4″, 260lbs trained war machine from Cameroon and he used all of the force in his body to kick you in your thigh. Padding, no padding, I don’t give a fuck. That has to sting BAD! Some of the reports from yesterday’s open workout (which is generally a very light workout, more of a fun little display for fans than anything) said that Francis’ trainers had to take breaks because they were so sore. You guys think that does anything for Stipe? I know he hits hard, and has more first round knockouts in the UFC than Francis does, I mean he’s at the highest level a heavyweight can possibly be at…but he has to be aware of how easily Ngannou is sleeping fools, and if you’re aware of that, how is it not terrifying? There’s seemingly nothing you can do. It’s like fighting Tyson in Punch Out, you let him hit you ONCE and it’s game over. “Sheesh” is very appropriate here. Can’t wait for Saturday.