Steph Curry Got His Shit Absolutely Handed To Him Last Night By Lauri Markkenan

Steph, the magic man, may be the greatest offensive player in the NBA, but last night for approximately 10 seconds he got his shit absolutely handed to him. Usually when Curry gets the switch he wants onto a big he goes on to humiliate them. Whether it’s putting them on skates, making them think he put up a shot when in fact he’s dribbling by them, or just pulling up from 35 feet just for fun. It’s some of the meanest shit you’ll see in the NBA.

But last night Lauri Markkanen more than held his own as he hung with Steph the whole way and eventually blocked the ball back in Steph’s face. I’ve never seen a big guy (LeBron does not count) do this to Curry.

Steph got the last word as he dropped a cool 30 points on 10-18 shooting (with a win) while Lauri struggled, scoring only 11 going 4-12 from the field, but I guarantee you Lauri won’t forget that moment. Steph most certainly won’t either and will make sure he embarrasses the fuck out of the rookie the next time they cross paths.