Mel Kiper's Mock Is In And He Has The Redskins Taking.....Baker Mayfield!

Let’s gooooooo!!!!

I cannot believe this is happening. I know they are all just mocks and mock drafts have about a 1% accuracy rate, but it’s too great. Every mock draft has Baker Mayfield to the Skins. It’s my pageviews wet dream. An electric, somewhat controversial, Big 12, Heisman winning quarterback in the first round to the Daniel Snyder owned Washington Redskins? Sign me the fuckkkkk up! If we thought the circus was good now, let’s just wait. I’m salivating.

As I’ve said in previous blogs, I have officially, officially come to terms that no matter who is QB, no matter what this team does, we will never win a Super Bowl as long as Snyder and Bruce Allen are in charge. It’s just not a recipe for success. The NFL is so hard to win in, and the way the Skins go about business from the top down is not how winning teams do business. So let Kirk walk to a team where he’ll probably win 3 Super Bowls, bring in Baker Mayfield, and let the good times roll.


I hope all these mock drafts are picking the Skins to take Mayfield because the Skins can’t stop tweeting out mock drafts. And then they are wondering why there is so much skuttlebutt about “what will happen to Kirk Cousins?” when the OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT IS TWEETING ABOUT THE SKINS PICKING A QUARTERBACK IN THE FIRST RONUD! I root for the dumbest team of all time. So, so, so, so dumb.

Can’t wait.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.18.35 PM