What The Jaguars Need To Do In Order To Beat The Patriots With Defense

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski

Score more points. GOTCHA!

Anyway, I think the Jaguars should try to employ a little bit of the Patriots way in this game. The Jaguars should do everything they can to limit the abuse that they take from Gronk. Jam him at the line with Myles Jack and have Barry Church or Tashaun Gibson over the top. Gronk should be doubled at all times.

After that, I would have Telvin Smith spy the running back in passing situations. I think the Jaguars are going to be screened to absolute death. The front 4 for the Jaguars is really the front 8 because they not only have one of, if not the best front 4 in football, they have depth at every position on the line.

The Jaguars are 30th in the league in Blitz percentage. They rely on the front 4 to get home more than just about anybody. Because of that, they can double Gronk, and rely on their corners (Jalen Ramsey, AJ Bouye and the nickel Aaron Colvin) to go man-to-man. Leave those guys on an Island. If you get beat by Hogan or Danny, that’s just what you have to take. You cant let Gronk beat you and corners/defensive line play is what got the Jaguars to this point.

Tom Brady always gets the ball out quickly. This front four has to make him be forced to go just a touch faster. Hopefully, that breeds a mistake or two. If not, the Jaguars wont win.

If our beloved Jaguars make the Hashtag Big Game, you’re gonna wanna go. You can do that winning our contest.