Insane Video Shows Boat Crash Nearly Decapitating Fisherman

(Crash starts at 0:16… as a video creator I would have urged against that intro for the record)

(Source – NYPost) – A GoPro camera mounted to Maess’ 20-foot fishing boat captured the chaos in the seconds before Larsen’s 31-foot motorboat crashes into the smaller, stationary vessel. A passenger on Maess’ boat frantically waves his arms and repeatedly screams “Hey!” in a desperate attempt to get the driver’s attention. “Oh my God,” another passenger screams just before the trio leap into the chilly water.”

Jesus H Tap Dancin Christ! This is why old people shouldn’t be allowed to have cell phones. First they chain mailed E-mail into Bolivian, then they invaded Facebook and turned it into parent smothered graveyard, and now they are getting distracted looking at their phones and obliterating other sea faring vessels like heat seeking missiles. Everybody knows you’re not supposed to text and drive, but if you do, look up every second or two and make sure you aren’t about to hit a solid object at 35 MPH.

“A fisherman who jumped ship into bone-chilling water to dodge a speeding motorboat has filed a $372,500 lawsuit, alleging the other driver was distracted by his cellphone just before the dramatic crash caught on video. Bryan Maess filed the suit earlier this month against Marlin Lee Larsen, 75, over the Aug. 12 crash near the mouth of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean,”

The guys who were about 2 seconds from fishing in the big pond in the sky are filing a lawsuit against the driver of the rogue boat.

Listen, I am not well versed in maritime collision law, but I would LOVE to hear one single objection Marlin (great name for a fisherman) has with this suit. The Eye In The Sky don’t lie my man and you steamrolled these lovely folks. This dude was one Allah Akbar away from being used in the next ISIS Year End Sizzle Reel. Time to fork over a new Lamborghini worth of cheese while vowing to stop checking GILFs of Instagram when you’re operating a moving vehicle, and maybe just count your blessings that you’re not facing 3 manslaughter charges.

Marlin, who “uses a motorized scooter on land”, was seen using his cell phone by his nephew who was also on board, but disputes that he was using it at the time of the crash. The accusation of cell phone use, which seems like it makes a whole lotta sense when you consider the other option is he completely missed seeing the 20 foot boat in broad daylight, are a classic case of Fake News (But were not included in the award show last night),

“Larsen told investigators he couldn’t see where he was driving since he was sitting down. Larsen, who uses a motorized scooter on land, admitted that he probably should’ve been standing at the time, according to a sheriff’s report obtained by the Oregonian.

Larsen’s son-in-law, who was also on the boat at the time, told investigators that he occasionally saw Larsen using his cellphone while driving the boat. State law bans cellphone use while driving, but there are no specific laws governing cellphone use while boating. Larsen has denied using his cellphone while driving the motorboat, claiming that allegations to the contrary were “fake news,” according to the Oregonian. He has pleaded not guilty as his criminal case unfolds.”

That’s gotta be an awkward Thanksgiving. Nothing like your son-in-law ratting you out for sending some dirty texts to Grandma while you’re catching Salmon. Can’t imagine this guy’s wife is going to love that move.

Keep your head up out there everyone!