The City Of Philadelphia Is Basically Saying They Can't Guarantee Safety If The Eagles Win On Sunday


Well, that’s certainly a new one. Is the Philly PD coming out and saying there’s going to be absolute carnage if the Eagles win on Sunday? Not exactly…but they’re basically coming out and saying there’s going to be absolute carnage on the streets if the Eagles win on Sunday. Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be THAT bad. Sure, you’re gonna have your drunks wrecking havoc, but this makes it seem like the LA Riots are coming to NE Philly. Pump the brakes there, fuzz. Philadelphians can be civilized when they want. I think. But then again, this warning is solely from making the Super Bowl. Imagine if they won the damn thing? And you thought The Purge was bad. Martial Law is going to need to be enacted in the Philadelphia region. Maybe add in a quarantine to contain the mayhem to Broad St, too.

And yes, there will only be potential chaos if the Eagles win. Philly folk know how to handle losses and disappointment. We just put our heads down in silence, head home, and take it out silently while resenting work, family, and lives for the foreseeable future. Been there, done that a billion and one times. It’s with a newfound feeling of success where people won’t know what to do with themselves. And for better or worse, I for one hope to feel something once again. This is our year, baby. This is our year.