Roger Goodell Will Be At The Eagles-Vikings Game On Sunday

It’s a tale of two cities when it comes to the reaction about Roger Goodell. In Philly, Goodell has been a good luck talisman, both in the win column and the fact that there on the night when we drafted Derek Barnett in Philly. You know, the Derek Barnett who was recently named to an All-Rookie Team.

New England, however, must be green with jealous rage. Remember the first game of the season?? New Englanders everywhere were so excited to welcome Rog to their stadium that they brought towels with his face on them.  Pittsburgh waves Terrible Towels to cheer for the Steelers, so in the same vein, Patriot fans clearly swirl Goodell towels in undying support their commissioner.  Did you see the vigor with which they whipped those towels? It probably produced enough electricity to power Denmark.

The Patriots’ only hope is that Goodell might be bad luck for them. In the first week of the season, the Patriots lost with him in the building, so the Patriots and Goodell must have colluded and concluded that him being far away from Gillette was the only way the Patriots had a chance against the upstart Jags.

It’s almost here.