A Guy Named Graham The Christian Said "Gucci Gang" A Million Times On A LiveStream For Charity And Started Weeping From Exhaustion

Mashable- Heroes come in many different forms. Some people rescue others from burning buildings, or save the lives of puppies. Some wear capes and zoom around the earth. Others, meanwhile, raise money for charity by saying “Gucci Gang” a full one million times. Seriously, though, stop and think about that for a moment: 1 million times. The man who came up with this challenge is YouTuber Graham The Christian. He planned to give all proceeds to Red Nose Day. Graham wrote that he’d done this type of stream before, but “wanted to attempt something a little more ambitious”.

I gotta tell ya, this might be where I check out from the internet forever. That’s not say I’m against this kid raising money. I would be an asshole if I thought that. I’m saying I might check out from the internet forever because it will soon pass me by in a big way. I can sense it. There’s a generation of internet content creators that I simply don’t understand. A lot of them seem to be young white rappers with face tattoos and a Xanax addiction. I simply don’t understand what’s happening. It’s likely what newspaper writers felt when blogs like Barstool Sports first started to catch on. Like, “Well what the fuck is this now? People wanna watch a bunch of people get interrogated for potentially pirating Pirate porn at the office? Well I’m outta here.”

The headline of this very blog has about three items that I understand. The rest might as well be a different language from a different country from a different planet from a different solar system. Who is Graham the Christian? What is the Gucci Gang? Why did this young man spend days of his life repeating the words Gucci Gang for charity? And why did people spend their precious moments on this Earth watching him do so? Again, I’m sure it makes sense in the brain of an teenage person but I can’t for the life of me understand it. These are the same people who have raised the Paul brothers to such heights. I’m happy it was for charity. That’s noble. But it did put a pit in my stomach because I came to the realization that my days are numbered.

PS- Wait they only raised 10,000 bucks. Whoops. $10,000 isn’t worth saying the same thing over and over and over again for 15 days straight I’m sorry. It just isn’t.