Barstool Nate Mock Draft #1 - The Redskins Select Baker Mayfield

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That’s right folks, even thought it’s January 17th and the conference championship games haven’t even been played yet, I’m ready to make my first official mock draft. To be honest, shame on me for waiting this long. Shame, shame, shame. But better late than never, as they say. And in this here my first mock draft, I am proud to announce the Washington Redskins will be selecting…..

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Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, the University of Oklahoma.

What started out as me joking about how many first round picks Daniel Snyder is going to trade to be able to get Baker Mayfield has now turned into a full fledged mania. And yes, the entire reason I titled this blog the way I did is because the Washington Redskins official Twitter account tweeted a link to a Bleacher Report mock draft where they have the Skins selecting Mayfield. Why in the world they would do this, I have no idea

Are they tipping their hand?! Are they throwing people off the scent?? Does Dan Synder have a financial interest in BR?? So many questions. But all I know is #BakerMayfield2DC is all the rage right now. Why pay Kirk $34 million a season to go 8-8 when we can get Baker Mayfield, go 4-12, and get a wholeeeeee lot more pageviews. Remember, this team ain’t winning a god damn thing as long as Snyder and fuck boi Bruce Allen are in charge, so we might as well have fun with it.

Kirk gets to play for a team that won’t ruin the rest of his career, and we get to cheer for the gawd Baker Mayfield. Such a win-win. The photoshops have already started, my goodness I hope this actually happens.

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