Last Night In The NBA: Why Does Everyone Want To Fight Each Other?


Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything that happened the night before in the Association. With just 4 games last night you should have caught it all, and even with so few games, it was still an exciting night of basketball. If you missed it, here’s what happened

Magic (13-31) 108 vs Timberwolves (29-17) 102

I figure we should start with the craziest game of the night, not only because of the final score, but because of the fight

God damn Aaron Afflalo what on earth could Bjelica have done to warrant such an overreaction? If you’re going to swing like that, you gotta win the fight and win the fight you did not. I will say this, in an era of HOLD ME BACK fights at least this was a legit swing.

From a basketball standpoint, this was a surprising win for the Magic. MIN had been rolling, but behind a nice 32 from Fournier

which happened to be a career high, they pulled off the upset. He had some help, with 5 other guys finishing in double figures and some great production from the Magic’s second unit

They may only have 13 wins, but 8 of those have come at home so let this be a warning to all other good teams who think they can just come to ORL and walk all over the Magic. Chances are you probably will, but they can get ya every once in a while.

For MIN, brutal loss. Can’t be losing to the Magic and can’t have fourth quarters like they did in this game. Just a complete defensive meltdown, giving up 35 points which were the most the Magic scored in any quarter. Jimmy Butler showed up with his 28/7/4/5/2 on 11-22

and KAT was his usual dominant self with 15/12, hell even Taj Gibson showed up with 18/7. So what the hell happened? Well, Wiggins and Teague were pretty shitty, and the MIN bench gave them jack shit. Another example of Thibs running his guys into the ground, with no bench player playing more than 18 minutes, it’s no surprise they ran out of gas in the fourth quarter.


The good news is that even though their streak is snapped, they are still comfortably in the 4 spot and still 0.5 games behind SA for the 3rd. Chalk it up to a bad loss and turn the page.

Pelicans (23-20) 116 vs Celtics (34-11) 113

Full blog is coming, but let’s just say my ass is still recovering from the pounding given to the Celtics by Anthony Davis. Yikes.

Nuggets (23-21) 105 vs Mavericks (15-30) 102

What was it with these Northwest division teams having tough times against shitty teams last night? Like MIN, DEN had all it could handle with DAL, but fortunately they pulled it out. It helps with Jokic/Barton/Harris all have at least 22


A tough 4th quarter made things close, where the Nuggets scored just 19 points, and they could have used some bench production as no player had more than 5 points, but a wins a win and DEN desperately needed this win to stay alive in the playoff hunt. They’re now 16-5 at home, and that very well could have been 15-6 given how they turned the ball over (18 times).

For DAL, if you need a reason to watch this team, don’t do it with the hopes they’ll win, do it so you can enjoy rookie Dennis Smith Jr, because the dude is for real

Also if you didn’t know, Devin Harris is still alive and able to make plays!

Blazers (23-21) 118 vs Suns (16-29) 111

Another Northwest team in a close game against a shitty team I’m shocked! Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Blazers won a game and Dame and CJ scored nearly half the points


This was probably closer than many POR fans wanted, but the Blazers played well with 50/48% splits and just 9 TOs. Sure they only got 25 points from their bench, but when your two best players are feeling it like Dame/CJ were, who cares. You just give them the ball and get out of the way. Maybe they got a little tired because PHX went on to have that huge fourth where they scored 39 points, but much like DEN, the Blazers really needed this win. It snapped their 3 game skid and has them every big alive in the 5-8 race.

For PHX, much like the Mavericks, there aren’t many reasons to watch this team. I will tell you to power through your doubt and just watch them, because Devin Booker is worth it

Aside from Troy Daniels making 6 threes almost no other Suns player could make a shot, so credit to Booker for keeping this close.

And sadly, that’s it! You’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. We’re back at it again tonight with a full slate, 10 games in all, including some good matchups like DET/TOR, GS/CHI, MIA/MIL, LAL/OKC, and DEN/LAC. As always if you can’t catch them all just check back here tomorrow and I’ll fill you in.