Everson Griffen's Reaction To Stefon Diggs' Touchdown Was Priceless

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Did Everson Griffen

A) See a ghost?

2) See the three dots of sending a wild 2:30am text to a girl way out of his league?


D) Just witness Stefon Diggs score a walkoff TD to put the Vikings in the NFC Championship game?

And the answer isssss…….

D! He just watched the impossible, and couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked like every black dude in a horror film who is about to get killed first. His brain short circuited like the Hollywood Foreign Press trying to figure out how the starring role of Boss Baby can be both a boss….and a baby. Inconceivable, yet somehow true.


Also, people aren’t talking enough about the second biggest blunder of this play. The missed tackle was terrible

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but what happened because of the missed tackle could somehow be worse.

Ken Crawley was RIGHT THERE for the tackle too….

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But Williams barrel-rolled into his own teammate, who then ended up on his ass facing the wrong way 5 feet out of bounds


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And by the time he came to be, Diggs was 10 yards down the field and that was all she wrote.

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Now will someone please please give Griffen a hug, take him to a safe house, or get him an exorcism?


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