As Expected, Mark Brunell Is Crying Again: This Time It's About Pastries...

So a Jacksonville bakery sent Big Ben some turnovers to celebrate the big win last weekend. Harmless. It’s a delicious little family shop. Kinda funny. Kinda cheesy. Overall, who gives a fuck? Only a simpleton would care about this kinda shit talking. Shit talking is, lest we forget, one of the best parts about winning. Hell, that’s one of the reasons that Barstool is so successful. No disrespect, but Barstool isn’t the same if Dave grows up a Browns fan. Anyway, no one could really care about this right?

Oh god. Mark Brunell is the worst, man. He’s in a position where he should be LOVED by the Jaguars fan base. He led the team in two of their best seasons. He’s not though. He’s no longer in the same breath as Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, or MJD. At least not by people my age and younger. The old birds still love him but he’s a joke to the younger crowd and it’s because he’s a squid and does nerd shit like this.

I imagine Mark’s face looked like this when he tweeted that.


Grow up, Mark. Garrard was better.