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Remember The Kid Who Got Kicked In The Face While Trying To Take A Selfie In Front Of A Train? Well Yeah, He's Making A Ton Of Money Off Of It




(Source) It’s a weird formula, for sure: Travel to a far-flung destination, get kicked in the head by a worker on a passing train, profit from a self-shot video of the encounter. But Jared Frank just might make it work. The 22-year-old Canadian could earn big bucks for his viral YouTube clip, the CBC reported. Frank (whose YouTube handle is Jared Michael), told the outlet that he made a deal with licensing company Jukin Media. The CBC estimated that the arrangement could mean $30,000 to $250,00 in revenue for Frank, plus potential income from other licensing.

His original train kick video had accrued more than 23 million views by Tuesday evening. Frank became the talk of the Internet last week for his misadventure in Machu Picchu, Peru. He posted a selfie of himself standing close to a rail, then taking a boot to the jaw from a conductor in a passing train. As the video steamed through the Web, viewers debated whether the footage was real and whether the train operator might have saved him from harm with the kick. (The Huffington Post continues to receive opinions on the matter.) Frank then appeared on viral video show “RightThisMinute” and assured viewers that the footage was real. “It was way more shocking than it was painful,” he said.

And now it might be profitable. But Frank is being cautious.“People probably already are seeing me in a negative light as the idiot who got kicked in the head, so I don’t want to be the idiot who thought he was going to make millions of dollars and ended up with a $400 paycheck,” he told The Canadian Press of his deal.




Fuck this world. I mean that in a completely honest way too. Fuck the world where being an asshole kid who takes selfies in front of trains allows you to fall ass backwards into $30,000. Like I don’t want to be one of those guys that says the world used to be a better place. People who talk about the golden age and the greatest generation forget that today there are some really awesome things. We live longer than ever, we can travel anywhere, we’re able to keep in touch with friends across the globe, but I think I would trade all of that at this point to get out of this type of shit. Just unreal. And a Canadian too, fuck this world.*





*Unless of course someone wants to kick me in the face for 30k, then this world is awesome and I love it to death