Sean Payton Mocked Vikings Fans With The SKOL Chant Before The Stefon Diggs Play


That can’t possibly be true, right? There is no way Sean Payton turned around and mocked Vikings fans with the Skol chant right before the final play? Impossible. That would make this too much better, like this extra wrinkle would make it a bit too perfect. So I refuse to believe…OH MY GOD

Just too perfect. He was so confident. He was like “Keenum has no arm strength, we have all our DBs playing 30 yards off the ball, the Vikings have no timeouts, all we need to do is make a tackle in bounds, SKOLLLLLLLL BITCHES!”

and thennnnnnnn



Woulda been a better time to pull out this one in my opinion

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.59.46 PM