Blake Bortles Denies Having Dildos In His Bedside Stand

I feel like this video didn’t get enough attention when it came out. Maybe that’s because Blake was still a young buck in the league and hadnt led his team to the AFCCG yet… This video is FILLED with great quotes from Blake. It makes him so damn loveable.

Blake Bortles is the most relatable quarterback in the league.

Let’s check out just a few reasons why.

1. I too piss first thing in the morning.
2. I too dont have dildos in my bedside drawers. (jk)
3. I too would be ripping cigs and doing construction if I wasnt a blogger.
4. I too dont worry about the definitions of silly, big words like vain.
5. I too get my decorations from Walmart.
6. I too own some converses.

Now that Blake is a superstar, check out the full video again.