Some Ruthless Fellow Followed Me on Instagram Just To Tag Me in a Post Titled "Tag Someone Who Has a Worse Haircut Than This"

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This is one of the meanest things anyone has ever done to me. To deliberately go out of your way to find my Instagram which I don’t publicize often (as I blog it) just to hate follow and tag me in this post is as diabolical as it gets. In case you’re new to the program, back in early October I got a very bad haircut.

Long story short I don’t think this guy ever cut hair before, nor did he know what a fade was, so that was an issue I wish I knew going into it. Flash forward three months later and I still haven’t gotten another haircut. I have legitimate PTSD about hearing the sound of clippers buzz through my head. I’ll never get a fade again, I may never get a haircut again to be honest. I’ve had offers from well-established NYC salons to fix me and my hair. It’s like when a girl pursues a guy who is troubled and dates him as a project to try and fix him because it’s fun. I’ve put it off for months and my hair has grown longer than it has in years. Here’s a live look at me right this second. Not great, but not terrible! You almost can’t tell my hairline is fading.

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Almost. So to this lad who followed me just to ruin my day, I say fuck you. The days of that haircut are long gone, Thank Goodness. Your diabolical attempt to make me cry at work made my stomach turn upside down for a second, but here I am standing strong. Ladies, if you’re looking for an insecure bitch who loves the Yankees more than his family and stays up till 4AM to watch Roger Federer play tennis, then sup.