The Alabama Dude Who Went Bonkers On The Sideline During The Championship Game "Transfers" To Tennessee State...Wink Wink

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TENNESSEAN - Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown, the player who drew attention to himself during the national championship game when he attempted to attack a Crimson Tide assistant coach, has transferred to Tennessee State, according to a university source.

Brown, a 6-foot-5, 240 pound sophomore, had actually applied at TSU and been admitted during the fall, more than a month before the national championship game.

As a result of the incident in the national championship game against Georgia, Brown will have certain stipulations he must meet before being allowed to join the football team at TSU.

If he meets those stipulations Brown will be allowed to participate in spring practice with the Tigers and be eligible to play this fall with two years of eligibility remaining.

Man the lengths these guys will go to cover for Saban. Mekhi Brown “transfers” away from the program shortly after punching a Georgia player, fighting the entire sideline, and creating a massive distraction for Nick Saban.  They even created a backstory!  “He actually applied during the fall, a month before the game.”  They’re like intelligence units setting up their agents for deep cover ops.  Creating a fake history complete with a paper trail.  Ingenious.

They even paid his teammates off!

And that my friends is how you build a dynasty.  By getting the best players, maximizing their talent on the field and minimizing the distractions off of it.  This happens to any other coach and it’s a huge PR disaster.  Saban the God actually made the MEDIA feel bad for asking about it, then quietly banished Brown’s ass to exile in Tennessee State under the guise of a “transfer.”