Will Ferrell Came on the Court Last Night To Interview Roger Federer and Of Course Fed Crushed It

I feel we’ve all said this for a few years now, but Will Ferrell should probably stop doing movies and appearances like these. Anyone else kinda cringe at the vampire question? It stinks cause Will was one of the funnier people I got to watch growing up with movies like Old School (all-time favorite), Zoolander, Anchorman, Kicking and Screaming, Semi-Pro, Step Brothers and more. Now he’s overplayed his hand by about five years and it showed once again last night. The only times I found myself laughing were at anything Federer said because he’s the best and one the funnier athletes in the world. I’ve said this time and time again on the blog, but how can you not love this guy?

Ferrell: Would you describe your game as a silky gazelle?”

Federer: Maybe, maybe not. Don’t they get eaten at the end?”

Ferrell: “Does it ever get annoying when they just scream COME ON ROGGGG-AHHHHH over and over again?”

Federer: “They remind me of my name, it’s good at an older age you start forgetting your name sometimes.”

GOAT. Dude is going for his TWENTIETH grand slam title right now. That’s hilarious how stupid that is.