The Warriors Suspiciously Had No Hot Water In Their Showers After Last Night's Victory Over The Cavs In Cleveland

Somebody send those tweets to Charles Barkley ASAP. I know the Chuck Wagon haaaaaaates how the NBA has changed over the years and I feel like he will appreciate a throwback move right out of Red Auerbach’s playbook. Turning off someone’s hot water is probably one of the most diabolical things you can do to somebody. Shower time should be happy time. The most relatable thing on Seinfeld, the most relatable show ever, was Kramer wanting to spend all day in his shower. If you didn’t imagine a nirvana where you could spend hours upon hours of your day in the shower like Kramer, you don’t know a life that is worth living. To rob someone of that after a long, hard fought game is supervillain type shit. And don’t say that the hot water was probably out for the entire arena because that’s something that would definitely happen in broke ass Cleveland. We know full well that LeBron would have tweeted and recorded a 10 hour story about how the hot water in The Q were broken for him.

But despite this being a fucked up move, I actually respect it. I feel like the Cavs/Warriors rivalry is on life support. We mayyyy have one more Finals between the two teams, but it’s probably going to take one or more teams in the East to take a pretty big L in Injury Roulette when over the next four months for that to happen. I think it’s more likely that we watch LeBron storm off the court after a losing a series at some point during the Eastern Conference Semis or Finals and we wonder where he is going to play next season for like two months straight. But last night’s stunt proved the Cavs aren’t ready to give up yet. And that makes me happy. Because these last three Finals, along with the bickering, the shade thrown, and the petty bullshit on both sides has been top notch entertainment. The basketball has been pretty decent too I guess. But all the other stuff is what makes this rivalry special. If turning off the hot water so Kevin Durant’s frail, shivering ass catches pneumonia is what the Cavs thought was needed to swing the balance of power back to Believeland, so be it. And thanks to Chris Paul & Co’s scheme to get an ounce of flesh from Austin Rivers’ punchable face, this story won’t even touch Adam Silver’s radar. How convenient. Almost a little TOO convenient if you ask me.