Congratulations To The Dallas Cowboys On Making The NFC And AFC Championship Games

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

Wow! Such a truly remarkable accomplishment from one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League! My hat goes off to the Dallas Cowboys for advancing to both the NFC and AFC title games this weekend with a trip to Minneapolis on the line. I don’t know how the Cowboys do it year in and year out, but they continue to show why they are America’s team and it’s all about them results, baby.

18 former players and coaches will be heading to the title games this weekend. EIGHT-FRICKIN’-TEEN. Imagine this. Imagine you tell me, “Hey, Jordie, bud. Guess what? So you know the Dallas Cowboys? The men’s professional football team? Well as it turns out, they’ll have 7 former players and coaches in the NFC and AFC title games this weekend”. To that, I would say “Wow, that’s amazing. How do the Cowboys continue to be so dang dominant in the sport of football”. That’s only after hearing about 7 former players and coaches. You add 11 more on top of that and holy smokes, now they’re just showing off.

And this is what I love about the Dallas Cowboys, and especially their fans. When they talk about their franchise’s success, they don’t go digging back all the way to the 90s to prove how good their team is. They don’t rely on success from the past to justify their arrogance of the presence. They have the numbers to back up their shit talk every damn year. Name another team in the league right now who has 18, to be exact, former players and coaches in the title games this weekend. I’ll hang up and listen.